University Professor

“Georgetown University reserves the rank of University Professor for faculty members of extraordinary achievement whose scholarly accomplishments have earned them substantial recognition from their academic peers. The rank is bestowed by the President in recognition of distinguished record of scholarship, teaching, and service to the University and higher education community at large. The rank is recognized as the University’s most significant professional honor, and is awarded rarely and only in accordance with the criteria specified in this policy.”

Faculty Handbook III.D.11


To be eligible for appointment to the rank of University Professor a faculty member must satisfy the following criteria:

He or she must either hold the rank of professor with tenure at Georgetown University or have been recommended to the President for tenure at that rank in accordance with the University’s rank and tenure policies and procedures.

He or she must possess an outstanding record of scholarly accomplishment that establishes him or her at the front ranks of university faculty nationally and internationally.

As a condition of appointment to the rank of University Professor, the faculty member must agree to relinquish any chair or endowed professorship he or she currently holds.


To be appointed to the rank of University Professor, an otherwise eligible faculty member must be selected by the President of the University upon the affirmative recommendation of at least two Executive Vice Presidents or Provost and taking into account the views expressed by members on affected department(s).

Privileges of Rank

Appointment to the rank of University Professor will be with tenure. Tenure will reside in the department in which the faculty member serves as a professor.